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AccessNet Account

To access Temple’s many technology resources, such as TUportal, TUmail and Blackboard, you need an AccessNet username and password. 


An AccessNet account enables you to log in to Temple University's online resources and services, such as TUportal, TUmail, and Blackboard. The resources you can access depend on your role within the university. For example, employees have access to different set of resources from students. For more detailed information, see System Access by University Enterprise Role.


Anyone who is affiliated with the university in one of the roles defined in the University System Access Roles Definitions, is entitled to obtain and keep an AccessNet account. See below for details:


When applying for admission to the university, the best way to begin is by requesting an account invitation as follows:

In either case, an e-mail invitation will be sent to you to join TUportal. At first, your access will be limited only to the applicant resources. Once the university has admitted you and has received and processed your tuition deposit, your university role will change to student. This will enable you to access all of Temple's student resources, such as TUmail and Blackboard.


Within 24 hours of becoming a student, you will receive an email with instructions to activate your AccessNet account and establish a permanent password and security questions. To do this, go to the Manage Account tab on the CS homepage and click Activate AccessNet account.

Note: If you are a Non-Degree Seeking Student (did not go through the formal admissions process), once you become a student, an AccessNet account will be created for you. You will then follow the instructions for Student above.

Your AccessNet account remains available to you as long as you retain your Student Status as defined by the university.


Within 24 hours after your paperwork is processed by Human Resources, you will be issued an AccessNet account. To activate your account, go to the Manage Account tab on the CS homepage and click Activate AccessNet account.

Retaining Access After Retirement

  • Employees who officially retire from the university, will automatically retain their AccessNet account after retirement.
  • Faculty who have the official university designation as Professor Emeritus/Emerita, will automatically retain their AccessNet account after retirement. For information about emeritus status, please see the Temple University Faculty Handbook.

For information on alumni AccessNet accounts, see the Alumni website


A "Guest" is defined as an individual who is not a current Temple University employee, faculty member, or student. Guests can include, but are not limited to employees of the Temple University Health System, visiting faculty, visiting scholars, contractors, vendors, volunteers, volunteer faculty who are not considered "faculty of record," temporary agency employees, and summer program participants.

For more information, see Granting Systems Access and Guest Cards to Guests.

General Procedure for Requesting Guest Access

Eligible Sponsors will use the Guest Access Request System to request and to have Guest access approved. The Guest Access Request System is available through TUportal. The following information is required and maintained for each Guest:

  • Sponsor’s TUid and Email
  • Expiration date of access
  • Guest’s TUid (if previously or newly issued), date of birth, first name, last name, and contact information
  • The last 4 digits of Guest’s Social Security Number. This information is needed to avoid generating duplicate TUids if the Guest is a former Temple University faculty member, staff member, or student.

Special Procedures for Requesting Guest Access

  • Temple University faculty (voluntary, Japan campus and Rome campus)

    Designated data stewards can request and approve Guest access to Temple University systems for official business purposes and request a Guest Card. To make this request, the employee (or sponsor) logs in to TUportal and clicks Guest Access Request System under TUapplications on the left. 

    All requests are subject to approval by a Temple administrator with Level 1 or Level 2 signature authority. When the request is approved or denied, an e-mail notification is sent to both the sponsor and guest. Within 24 hours of submission and approval of guest access, an AccessNet account will be generated. To activate the AccessNet account, the guest will go to the Manage Account tab on the CS homepage and click Activate AccessNet account.

  • Temple University Health System (TUHS) employees 

    All current TUHS employees may request Guest access to Temple University systems and/or request a Guest Card. Designated TUHS individuals have authority to approve the request. To request Guest access, TUHS employees should contact the university Help Desk at 215-204-8000. The Help Desk will work with TUHS Security who will submit/approve the request.

Password Expiration

For security purposes, Temple requires you to change your password according to the following schedule:

  • Students, Faculty and Staff  - every six months
  • Prospects/Applicants, Alumni and Guests (without access to Banner) - every 10 months

Ten days prior to your password expiration date, you will receive an e-mail reminder. You will receive another reminder, one day prior to your password expiration date. To change your password, go to the Manage Account tab on the CS homepage and click Reset password / security questions.

If your password has already expired, reset it so you can continue to access Temple's online resources.


In most cases, AccessNet accounts are created automatically. If you did not receive your AccessNet account information, contact the Help Desk through the Request Help tab on the Computer Services home page or call 215-204-8000.


All applicable policies and guidelines on the Tech Policies page regarding AccessNet account usage.