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AccessNet Account

To access Temple’s many technology resources, such as TUportal, TUmail and Blackboard, you need an AccessNet username and password. 


An AccessNet account enables you to log in to Temple University's online resources and services, such as TUportal, TUmail, and Blackboard. The resources you can access depend on your role within the university. For example, employees have access to different set of resources from students. For more detailed information, see System Access by University Enterprise Role.

Password Expiration

For security purposes, Temple requires you to change your password every six months. Ten days prior to your password expiration date, you will receive an e-mail reminder. You will receive another reminder, one day prior to your password expiration date. To change your password, go to the Manage Account tab on the CS homepage and click Reset password / security questions.

If your password has already expired, reset it so you can continue to access Temple's online resources.


In most cases, AccessNet accounts are created automatically. If you did not receive your AccessNet account information, contact the Help Desk through the Request Help tab on the Computer Services home page or call 215-204-8000.


All applicable policies and guidelines on the Tech Policies page regarding AccessNet account usage.