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Blackboard is an online course management system widely-used at Temple University.


Blackboard is an online course management system that can be used to complement both face-to-face and online instruction. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching’s Instructional Technology consultants are available to help you plan and design your Blackboard course, add course materials, and work with the management and collaborative tools that Blackboard offers. Blackboard can be used to:

  • provide students online access to your syllabus, information about the course, course notes, recorded lectures, and other course materials
  • engage students with blogs, wikis, discussion forums, & Social Learning Tools
  • assess and track students’ progress with online tests and rubrics, the Grade Center, Retention Center, and other tools
  • collect and manage assignments and evaluate with Turnitin


Students, faculty and staff can log into Blackboard using their assigned AccessNet Username and Password at:


If you need to establish a Courtesy Account for individuals who are not directly affiliated with Temple University, but need access to a Blackboard course on our system, please log into the TUportal and select Guest Access Request System located under TUAPPLICATIONS to place a request for guest access.  For additional information or questions, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000.


  • Faculty
    To report a problem or to schedule a one-on-one consultation, please contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Instructional Technology Lab at 215-204-8761. You can also visit the Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Programs & Events page to view and register for a Blackboard  workshop.
  • Students
    For assistance regarding system your particular Blackboard courses, call the Help Desk at 215-204-8000 or click the Request Help tab on the Computer Services home page.

Faculty FAQs

Computer Services recently completed the migration of Blackboard from our self-hosted system at to a new cloud-hosted system at Faculty-related, frequently asked questions regarding this migration appear below:

  • How do I create my Blackboard courses? 
    All Banner-issued Blackboard courses are automatically created in the new Blackboard hosted environment four weeks prior to the start date of the semester. 
  • How do I add students to my course? 
    All students will be automatically enrolled in your Blackboard course two weeks prior to the start date of the course. However, the enrolled students won't be able to see your course until you make it available. 

  • How do I make my course available to students? 
    By default, all Blackboard Courses will be unavailable. To make your course available: 

    1. Go to the Qwickly module on your Blackboard homepage.
    2. Select Course Availability.
    3. Switch the toggle from "off" to on.

    Alternatively, you can make your course available inside the course shell by going to "Customization" and then "Properties" in the Course Management menu on the left side panel. 

  • Can I add multiple course reference numbers (CRNs) to my Blackboard course?
    Course owners may combine multiple CRN's into one course shell via the Course Tools tab in Blackboard. 

  • How do I create a Non-Banner Issued Blackboard Course?
    Blackboard users may submit a request to have a non-Banner issued course shell created via the Course Tools tab in Blackboard. 

  • Where can I find the Blackboard retention policy? 
    See Blackboard Guidelines and Procedures.

  • When did my course(s) get migrated? 
    - 2014 (All semesters) notified on March 28, read-only period 4/4-4/7, course available 4/8
    - 2015 (All semesters) notified on April 11, read-only period 4/25-4/28, course available 4/29
    - 2016 (Spring semester) notified on May 23, read-only period 6/6-6/9, course available 6/10
    - 2016 (Summer I, Admin Organizations) notified on July 7, read-only period 7/25-7/28, course available 7/29
    ​- Medical School (All courses) notified on July 7, read-only period 7/23, course available 7/25
    ​- Summer I 12-week (All courses) begin notification August 1, read-only period on or about 8/8 -8/9, course available 8/10

  • What is happening to my courses that I used prior to Spring 2014 semester?
    They are being archived by Computer Services according to retention policy mentioned above. If you need access to a course taught before Spring 2014, please call the help desk with the course information and they will submit a ticket to have your course migrated. 

  • I don’t see classes or organizations that I need from the old system. What do I do?
    Please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000 or click the Request Help tab on the Computer Services home page.

  • Will I need a new course shell for every semester going forward?
    Yes, however a new shell will be automatically created for you before the start of a semester. 

  • Will I need to enroll my students manually? 
    No, students will be auto-enrolled. 

  • Will I be able to enroll my students earlier? 
    Yes. Within the Course Tools tab available to instructors, you will be able to enroll your students earlier than the start of a semester. 

  • When does auto-enrollment begin for Fall 2016?
    All students will be enrolled 2 weeks prior to the start date of your course unless modified by the instructor. However, enrolled students will not be able to see your course until you make it available. 

  • Will instructors be able to delete their courses? And will instructors receive a notification for the deleted courses? 
    No, all courses will remain until their retention period.
    Yes, when courses are deleted based on the retention schedule. 

  • The professional schools have different semester start dates; will their courses be created for them based on that schedule? 

  • Is the “Course Tools” tab available to instructors in the hosted environment? 

  • Will faculty still be able to create a course individually (through Course Tools)? 
    Yes, faculty will be able to create courses individually, but faculty-created courses cannot be enrolled via CRN. 

  • What specifically do I need to do to individually create a course? How long will it take?
    Users can go to the “Course Tools” tab and select the “Request a Shell” tab. Next, you’ll choose the type of course or organization you’d like to create, give it a name and press submit. A Template or Sandbox shell will be created within 5 minutes. An organization or administrative shell will be created once the request is approved. 

  • Will an instructor be able to add a non- Temple user (guest) to his/her course in the new hosted environment?
    No, this feature is not available now and will not be available in the future.

  • Will the auto-enrollment feature be any different at the last drop/add date? 
    The auto-enrollment feature will remain the same. 

  • Will departmental/administrative organizations using Blackboard (non- courses) remain in place, or will they need to be recreated every two years? 
    The Blackboard departmental and administrative organizations will remain the same. 

  • What happens to my 2014-2016 courses after they are fully migrated to the cloud- hosted environment?
    When you enter the cloud hosted Blackboard system at after all targeted courses have been migrated, you will see your 2014-2016 courses in the My Courses module. 

  • What happened to the BbDrive tab? I do not see it in the Blackboard cloud-hosted environment.
    The BbDrive tab is not available in the cloud-hosted environment. While the Personal content collection is no longer available, Course and Organization content collections are still available through the Course Management menu. Personal content can be stored in OWLbox.