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Clickers for Students

TurningPoint is a classroom response system used at Temple University to encourage classroom and audience participation.


To encourage active classroom participation, Temple instructors may use a classroom response system such as TurningPoint. By using a response pad (also referred to as a "clicker") or mobile app, students can answer questions, respond to surveys, take opinion polls, and much more.

Response systems can be used in either anonymous, individual, or team modes:

  • In the anonymous mode, instructors cannot identify individual student responses. This mode is most commonly used for surveys and opinion polls.
  • In the individual mode, instructors can create participant lists to identify individual responses. This mode is frequently used to take attendance.
  • In the team mode, students participate in groups. Instructors can identify which students are in which groups but cannot identify individual responses.

Replace a clicker or mobile device

  • If you lose your clicker and purchase a replacement, you must log into your Turning Technologies account and register the new clicker.
  • If you sell your clicker, you must log into your Turning Technologies account and remove the device before the new owner can register it.
  • If you replaced your phone/tablet, you will need to download the app again and sign-in using your account credentials.


For further assistance, contact the Help Desk through the Request Help tab on the Computer Services home page or call 215-204-8000.