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Use OWLbox to store, share and collaborate on files. 


OWLbox, powered by, is Temple's primary resource for storing, sharing and collaborating on files. The OWLbox website offers students, faculty, and staff 50GB of storage space, access to files anywhere including mobile devices, and sync capability with desktop files.

There is a Facebook-like feature where you can comment and exchange feedback on files you are sharing. The box service automatically keeps previous versions of the documents. In addition you can assign tasks to a shared file and supply a due date.

Access OWLbox

To access OWLbox, log in to TUportal and select OWLbox on the left or go to

You can also download a mobile version. For more information, see the Mobile Apps section.

Things to Know

  • You can invite others to share a folder only if they have logged into OWLbox at least once.
  • Files are uploaded into folders so you have to create a folder first before transferring files.
  • You can only share folders, not individual files.   
  • Students get to keep their 50GB of free storage when they graduate! 

Keeping Your Files When You Leave Temple

When you graduate or leave Temple, you have the option of converting your OWLbox account to a personal account. By doing this, you will be able to keep your 50GB of storage, as well as all of your files:

  1. Go to and click the Log In button.
  2. In the Email Address box, type your (for example, Then click Reset Password.
  3. In the Email Address box, retype your Then click Send.
  4. A new password will be sent to your TUmail account.
  5. Go back to the login screen and log in with your new password. Your OWLbox files will now be available to you.
  6. If you plan to annually renew your TUmail account as an alum, you can skip this step. Otherwise, make sure to update your email address in In the future, if you ever forget your password, a new one will be sent to this address.