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Information Technology Services produces technology news items called TECH Bits geared primarily to Temple University faculty and staff. TECH Bits are distributed via e-mail on a weekly basis during the semester. An archive of these messages appears below. For more information about Temple resources, visit the Faculty or Staff websites.

Format: 2018
Format: 2018-06

Don't Fall for New Phone Phishing Scam

If you're savvy about email phishing scams, now be on the lookout for phone phishing. As reported in the news, a new phone scam is making the rounds in which a "support" person, who is supposedly calling from "Microsoft" or "Dell," notifies you that you have viruses on your computer. The scammer then offers to help clean up your computer and asks you to follow a series of instructions. The process ultimately gives the scammer remote access to your machine to install malicious software, look at your personal files, or extort money.


For safe online shopping, look for the lock icon

We all enjoy the convenience of online shopping. While the process is easy, it’s important to be smart and make transactions only through secure sites. If the site is not secure, you may put yourself at risk for fraud or identity theft.


Don't Recreate! Recycle Information in Word

If you find yourself repeatedly including certain information in Microsoft Word documents, try using Quick Parts on the PC or AutoText on the Mac. These features allow you to highlight a selection of a Word document and save it in a library for future convenient use. The selection can include text, such as your name and title or a disclaimer, as well as graphics, such as your logo.


Create Easy Access to Favorite Websites

Would you like more convenient access to websites you frequently visit? Instead of typing the web addresses each time, add the sites to your browser toolbar so they appear along the top like this:

To customize the toolbar, go the website that you wish to add. Then, right in front of the web address you will see an icon. In the example above, it’s the Temple T (circled at the top) but in some browsers, it’s just a generic icon. Simply drag the icon to the toolbar area to add the site.


Tap into Temple While on the Go With TUmobile

Have you checked out TUmobile lately? TUmobile is a free smartphone app for accessing important information at Temple. The current version (2.2.0) offers a variety of performance enhancements and new features.

With TUmobile, Temple is at your fingertips:


Unsecured Wireless Networks - Convenient but Risky

When you're in a public place and you access a wireless network that doesn't require a password, you're taking a risk. Unsecured or hotspot access places you on a network with many other people, and some may be on the lookout to record your keystrokes or hack into the files on your computer.


Streamline Your Search with Google Advanced Features

We've all come to rely on Google when we're looking for information on the web. But did you know that Google has some nifty advanced features to help narrow your search and filter out what you don’t need?

By default, Google returns results containing all of the search terms you enter. But to streamline the search, you can type:


Play it Safe When You Share Files with Sensitive Information

When you need to share a file with someone that includes confidential or sensitive information, don't send it by email. Email is not a secure transport method and it's against University policy to use it for transferring these types of files.


Finding a Home for Old Technology Items

As you know, Temple's award winning Computer Recycling Center (CRC) recycles or properly disposes of Temple's surplus computers. But did you know that the CRC also handles all kinds of technology-related peripherals, storage devices, and media too?