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Computer Services produces technology news items called TECH Bits geared primarily to Temple University faculty and staff. TECH Bits are distributed via e-mail on a weekly basis during the semester. An archive of these messages appears below. For more information about Temple resources, visit the Faculty or Staff websites.

Format: 2017
Format: 2017-11

Tech Bits: Block Unwanted Calls on Your Smartphone

Are you tired of receiving unwanted calls on your smartphone? Here’s how you can block phone numbers to stop receiving these incoming calls.

To block a number from the Settings menu:

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Tap Blocked.
  4. Tap Add New and add the contact you want to block.

To block a number from your Recent Calls:


Tech Bits: Clear the Cache to Improve Web Browser Performance (Faculty & Staff)

If your web browser seems to be acting a bit sluggish, try clearing out the browser cache (pronounced cash). The cache is a holding area where your computer temporarily places web pages that you've viewed. This is done so when you view the pages again, the browser can quickly reload the page elements, such as logos and images, without having to download them.