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Posting to a wiki

There are two different ways to access and create Wikis. You instructor may use the Campus Pack Wiki Tool or Wikis via Blackboard (Bb) Tools:

Screenshot from Blackboard highlighting different ways to access course Wikis

  • Through the Bb tools 

  • Through Campus Pack (Please note: Campus Pack will not load in Safari unless cookies are enabled.)



How to post a wiki

A variety of optional features, such as deleting and posting, are available for wikis. If you cannot access a particular feature, verify that your instructor included it in the wiki.

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4 Steps

  1. From the course menu, select the content area where your instructor created the wiki. Then, click View to select the wiki.
  2. At the wiki name window, click Add New Page.
  3. A Page Name window will pop-up. Enter a title and click Add Page.
  4. Enter your content and then click Save & Exit. Note: Various options are available for formatting your entry.