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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is available at Temple University to facilitate meetings, classes, conferences, interviews, etc., with others at remote locations.


Video Conferencing facilities are available at all campuses throughout Temple University to facilitate meetings, classes, conferences, interviews, etc., with others at remote locations. Classroom Technology Support (CTS) provides consultations on the use of videoconferencing at the Main Campus. IT personnel are available on satellite campuses to provide consultations for using video conferencing on their respective campus.


Any current Temple University student, instructor or employee is eligible to use this service.


  • Consultations are available with the Classroom Technology Support group during normal business hours, however, advanced questions may need to be referred to consultants with special expertise in video conferencing. Advanced consultations are available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Computer Services does not support all video conferencing facilities. Some Schools, Colleges, and Departments have dedicated locations equipped with video conferencing capabilities. In most cases, Computer Services is aware of these sites and can direct you to the appropriate person.
  • Computer Services does not schedule video conferencing facilities. Scheduling is arranged by several individuals and is based on location. Computer Services can direct you to the appropriate scheduler or act as a mediator between you and the scheduler.
  • Computer Services does not provide cost estimates for video conferencing installations but can collaborate with you to obtain an estimate from Facilities Management.
  • Video conferencing facilities are limited and setting up a video conference can be complex. Please be aware that your request may not be able to be fulfilled because a room is not available or there is not sufficient time to set up and test the equipment.
  • To schedule a video conference between Temple University campuses each campus must be contacted to be sure that their space is available, wherever the presenter or meeting moderator will be would be considered the ‘host’ location and a technician from that campus would place the video conference call into the others. To connect to sites outside of the university you MUST contact the appropriate campus well in advance with a technical contact name, phone number, and the IP address of the video conferencing codec so that a test connection can be done prior to your event to ensure that there are no compatibility or network firewall issues with those locations. Those sites MUST be using a video conferencing codec, NOT WebEx, SKYPE, Face Time etc.
  • Computer Services does not provide staff in the room during video conferencing events. Support for video conferencing events is provided the same way support is provided to events scheduled in smart classrooms. For additional information, refer to Classroom Technology Support.



  • Ritter Annex 324 - a video conference space, with installed equipment
    Contact: Michael Field,, 215-204-0131                           
  • TECH Center Room 111 - a video conference space, with installed equipment. That space is scheduled by contacting the Innovation Center through TUHelp
  • Fox School of Business Management - Alter Hall, Rooms A 031, 131, 378, 605, 606, 722 and Speakman 384 are video conference space. Contact: 215-204-5017 
  • College of Liberal Arts - Weiss Hall Room 642 - a video conference space, with installed equipment
    Contact: Cyril Ireland, 215-204-5934                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



  • Room LC 301 - a video conference space, with installed equipment                                     
    Contacts: Novel Kim 267-468-8399
    Reid Overturf 267-468-8385


  • Rooms TUFW rooms 1, 3, 4, 6, 13, 19 - video conference space, with installed equipment
    Contact: Dave Brickett 267-468-8566 (3-8566)


  • Room C Student Faculty Center - a portable system, call for details
    Contacts: Filip Pongratz, SFC Activities and Operations 215-707-4481                                                                                                                         
    Shervonda Carr, SFC Activities and Operations 215-707-8443                                                                           
  • MERB 343 , Auditorium 105, Auditorium 305 and the Dean’s Conference Room in the Medical School are video conference space, with installed equipment
    Contacts: Micael Seip 215-514-6893
    Thomas Fanrak 215-707-7343                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Room 249 - a video conference space, with installed equipment                                   
    Room 252
    - a video conference space, with a portable setup that stays in the room       
    Contacts: Adam Romanik 717-460-4450                                                                                                       
    Patti Baltimore 717-232-6400 
    Lynn Notestine, MSW TUH Associate Director 717-221-1636